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Maria KirkmanMy purpose for setting up this website is to offer an alternative Healing Treatment service to our friends of the Animal Kingdom through their Human carer's.

I use a number of Therapy Methods with which to attune to your animal so that the treatment may be tailored to your animals particular needs. The term I use for this form of Healing is Intuitive Homeopathy. This means that I use my Intuitive faculties to discern which Homeopathic treatment is best suited to your animal. I then direct these treatments through a type of Absent Healing to your animal.

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A Horse with Colitis 

'I have been using Maria Kirkman to heal my horses for the past two months. I have a yearling filly that we bought at auction who's legs and head swelled beyond belief. My vet thought that it was an allergic reaction to something unknown and so treated with anti-histamines, cortisone injections and antibiotics. Over the space of two weeks the legs and head went down; No more problem. Then two weeks after that, the legs blew up again and she started to scour very badly. in the space of three days she looked like something out of IPLII horror files. The vet was called again and not knowing the cause she was treated with more drugs. After talking with a friend who suggested Maria, I rang her and was told that things were far from good. The drugs had stripped all the bacteria from her system, and Maria had to work over-time to help us save her. It turns out the filly had colitis (which most horses tend to die from) and thanks to Maria and lots of yogurt and manuka honey, we have saved her. It has been a month since Maria first treated this filly and she now has formed manure and is picking up well. I have also used Maria for other problems with horses, and every time I have a success story to tell. 

The best thing of all. Maria treated me for chronic headaches that I was getting every day and needless to say I haven't had a headache in a month. I don't know how she does it but it definitely works!

Angelique Hyde

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